Past Events

Hiking the Inca Trail for my Mom

My partner Marshall and I are no strangers to long and difficult treks. In 2010 we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and this September, we are hiking the Inca Trail, the traditional route to Machu Picchu in Peru. I had intended to dedicate the Kilimanjaro climb to my mother who was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and raise funds for Alzheimer research. ...

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Rocking in the name of Alzheimer’s

Q and A with the Forget Me Not concert organizers Why did you decide to fundraise for Alzheimer’s disease? Megan: Alzheimer’s disease has deeply affected my family. Three of my close family members experienced extreme memory loss in their later years. To watch a family member and friend lose their most cherished memories is heartbreaking. I want to help further ...

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Mindful Memories

When the opportunity to walk the el Camino presented itself to me, I needed time to decide if I believed I could make the journey and complete the the designated trail and distance. Not being much of a walker, I took a couple of weeks to walk and ponder this amazing opportunity. A thought came to mind, if ...

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