Mindful Memories

When the opportunity to walk the el Camino presented itself to me, I needed time to decide if I believed I could make the journey and complete the the designated trail and distance. Not being much of a walker, I took a couple of weeks to walk and ponder this amazing opportunity. A thought came to mind, if I decided I could do this, wouldn’t it be grand if I could somehow share it with others and even turn it into a something that might benefit many. With my Mom progressing through the stages of Alzheimer’s and the sadness watching this terrible disease take this caring loving person away from us slowly, I knew I wanted to do something more.

“Mindful Memories” was created from my desire to accomplish this long distance journey and goal of raising money to help others that are affected by this disease.

After spending most of the winter months walking and conditioning myself for the long days of walking and learning to deal with the daily fluctuating Fibromyalgia pain, on Wednesday May 8th my journey began.

“ Mindful Memories, I walk with love, for me, for you, for Mom and for the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Canada, May 2013”

-Carol Gaylor 

Organizer of the Mindful Memories team

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