Hiking the Inca Trail for my Mom

My Mom in 1944. Age 19.

My partner Marshall and I are no strangers to long and difficult treks. In 2010 we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and this September, we are hiking the Inca Trail, the traditional route to Machu Picchu in Peru.

I had intended to dedicate the Kilimanjaro climb to my mother who was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and raise funds for Alzheimer research. But time and life got in the way; we made the climb but did not set up a donation site .

Sadly my mother passed away a year ago this month. As Marshall and I plan our next trek, raising funds for Alzheimer’s disease is a must.

Why donate to Alzheimer research? Let me quote Dawna Friesen, Global News anchor, who wrote in The National Post:

“To be the child of parents who are alive but no longer present is a bit like being in state of suspended animation. There is no more communication, no more sharing memories, no more laughter. Their physical being still exists, but the person they were has vanished. That’s what dementia does. And as the daughter of parents who are caught in this, I decided rather than be muzzled by my sadness I would speak out.”

I feel I have lost my Mom twice, first when Alzheimer’s reared its ugly head and then at her passing.

Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging, but the largest group of those with Alzheimer’s disease is over sixty-five, meaning that more will be impacted as the baby boomers hit that age group.

We need to get ahead of this disease.  Think of your own life as you move into retirement with all those big plans and the lives of your family if you became a victim of this disease.

Please donate to our climb here. All funds will go to Alzheimer’s research to help eradicate this devastating disease.

My Mom on her birthday

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