Getting started

Setting up your event page is simple as 1, 2, 3 … and 4. Follow these steps to start fundraising today.

  1. Decide on your type of fundraising event

    If you already know what kind of event you want to organize, skip to step 2. If you need a little inspiration, then browse our Creating an Event section for great ideas.

  2. Register your event online, customize your event page and set your fundraising goal

    Click here for easy instructions on how to register your event and create your own fundraising page. This page allows you to set your fundraising target, describe your event and track your progress.

  3. Invite your team members to join

    Once you’ve created a fundraising page, invite your team members to join and ask them to create their own fundraising pages. Each team member can set individual fundraising targets, share their story and monitor their progress.

  4. Share with your friends, family and co-workers

    Email your friends, family and co-workers and ask them to help you reach your fundraising goal. Don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and even your blog! Make sure that you and your team follow up with everyone and remind them regularly to visit your fundraising page to make a donation. Be sure to thank everyone for their donations.

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